We deliver high value

at the low cost

We're leveraging highly skilled resources and customized approaches.

Our project and contract-based field- and on site equipment services are designed to fit your needs and help manage your workflows and supplement your service organization.

Additionally, we offer flexible workforce deployment and short-term contract staffing options so that no role goes unfilled, and you’ll have access to the best people for the job, carefully matched to your needs from our prequalified candidate network.

Services we offer

Technical support, system installations, warranty coverage and post-warranty coverage. Digitron offers a complete range of services such as preventive and corrective maintenance.

By partnering with Digitron principals can focus on product development and core competencies and reduce time to market.

Our field support services include:

  • On-Site Service & Applications Personnel
  • Customer Training and Certification Programs
  • Multilingual Capabilities
  • System Installation
  • User-acceptance (FAT)
  • Maintenance
  • Software debug/upgrade
  • Warranty service & parts management
  • Parts storage / shipping

and others

We are dedicated to providing integrated supply and support solutions that meet our customers' complex manufacturing needs.


Preventive and Corrective Equipment Maintenance, Installations

Fab wide expertise in Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting and repair to resolve complex electromechanical issues

  • CVD, PVD Tools
  • PECVD Tools
  • Dry and wet etching
  • Ash
  • Scanner / Stepper
  • Tracks
  • Implanters
  • Process Control Tools
  • ALD
  • Tester (ATE)
  • IBE
  • Litho

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